My soul melts away for sorrow; strengthen me according to your word!

This is my comfort in my affliction, that your promise gives me life. (Psalm 119:28, 50 ESV)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Heart and Heels

Tuesday was a very long day but overall a success! In the morning Verity had another echocardiogram, which the cardiologists evaluated immediately and then met with us afterward. Some of the problems that were present at birth have completely disappeared (thank you, Jesus!). Two tiny ("pin-prick") holes remain, but they are insignificant and are not causing any problems at this time. Moving to a higher altitude will not present a problem; in fact, it may be even better for Verity! We are all looking forward to relocating to Colorado, even though it is always a chaotic time, getting ready for a PCS (permanent change of station). The doctors recommended that after we get settled, we get another echocardiogram so the cardiologists there will have an up-to-date baseline from which to monitor Verity.

So Tuesday morning was easy! We even finished early and had time to grab lunch in the hospital cafeteria (surprisingly good) before checking in for surgery--a tenotomy, or releasing of the Achilles' tendons, the final step in the Ponseti casting method for clubbed feet. (Well, almost final, I guess, if you count the fact that she will need special shoes and a bar afterward.) Here are some photos of the progression...I didn't think to take photos each week in the same position, but you can get the idea...

Prior to any orthopedic work--this was at a regular check-up.

First casts

This is after the 2nd set of casts came off, so
two weeks in casts total.

After 3 weeks/3 sets of casts, side view.

After 3 weeks/3 sets of casts.
The last two photos were taken the day of the surgery. (Humorous bit: We were in the operating waiting area when we were told that they weren't sure what to do about removing the casts...they didn't think that all the way through, apparently, so we carried Verity to the specialty clinics to get her casts removed, then brought her back. It was fun to hold her without any casts, but she seemed a bit consternated (is that a word?!) at the feel of someone touching her legs and feet!

The surgery was very quick; in fact, it took longer to put her casts on than the actual procedure dealing with the tendons. She got a local anesthetic; actually, they put numbing cream on the area after the casts came off, and then she got the local after they whisked her away for the operation. She was away from us for less than an hour and came back in a sleepy little bundle.

Right before surgery. Isn't she a doll in that gown?!

After set of casts. They look huge!
We expected a horrific night after the anesthetic wore off, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. And from what we can tell, Verity hasn't been in pain or discomfort the last couple of days. In four weeks we go back to get these final casts taken off. Then she will get the "boots and bar," which I have heard is pretty difficult...not much sleep, etc. So let's start praying in advance that she will not be phased by the transition!


  1. Praying that the transition to boots and bar will be as uneventful as possible!

    1. Thank you, Mary Ellen! I'm so grateful for your faithful prayers on our behalf. Love you!

  2. Do the casts affect the healing of the tendon incision?

  3. No? The casts hold the position of the feet with the newly lengthened tendon. There are of course precautions against infection; we should be past that as a possibility by now. So to my knowledge (limited I'm sure!), the casts aren't related to the incision...

  4. Wonderful news! I love the pic of the two of you and Verity in her green gown!! Adorable!!